Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Dinner Ever

Throughout my time in life i have had many great meals. Some stick out the most in my head the most because of what it was. the one that stands out the most would have to be my T bone steak dinner while i was out deer hunting last season. every meal out next to a campfire seems just a little more delightful than the last. all the meals are as close to a thanksgiving dinners out there. but this one in particular has every thanksgiving dinner beat. this dinner consisted of a 2 inch thick 3 pound T bone steak. that was so big it needed a plate just for itself. the steak was cook medium well just how i like it. just a little bit of pink meat on the inside. The marinade got the steak so juicy you were able to cut it with you fork. For the sides, i had a footlong corn on the cob that was soaking in butter. also i had a giant baked potato filled with sour cream,butter, bacon slices, and cheddar cheese. and with topping this dinner off you had a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea. after a hard days work there is nothing like eating a great meal before heading off to bed.

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  1. Sounds like you are from Oklahoma. Based on some of these best dinner stories, we could create a website on the topic.